Catering Cabo San Lucas

We have everything you need. In Catering Cabo & Events partners we offer you the top-ranked venues, photographers, bakers and florists to make sure that your event/party will be a succeed from the beginning to the end.
We carefully select our partners based on their years of experience, distinction and high quality so we can offer you not only the best professional services but also peace in mind for the whole event and the planning process.
Let us give you the best catering services in all Los Cabos. Trust in the experience of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.


We know the importance of your wedding day. It is, in fact, THE day. It has to be perfect in every little detail, and the food service plays a crucial role in reaching that perfection.
Delightful flavors and innovative presentations are vital in order to make your wedding in Los Cabos a complete success. Thanks to our delicious and exquisite cocktails and our impeccable service, you will have an unforgettable occasion that your guests will remember forever.

Personal Chef Services and Caterers

Imagine having the most professional chefs preparing and serving meals... in your own kitchen!
Catering Cabo's personal chefs can either cook a meal for you and your guests at a one-time occasion or can make independently packed meals that can be refrigerated and then eaten during the week. 
Caterers make huge amounts of food at once, course by course, making sure that everybody is served at the same time. Catering Cabo caterers will work together with you to make the perfect menu for your party or event.

Mexican Fiestas

In Catering Cabo we are proud of our Mexican soul, and we offer you the most authentic Mexican parties. If you want to impress your customers, colleagues, friends or family... try it with the Mexican style.
We offer you the best catered Mexican meals, whether if you prefer finger foods, main dishes, desserts, drinks or all of it. With Catering Cabo, no one will leave the party feeling hungry. ¡Quiero más!

Why Choose Catering Cabo?



We have several options available for every budget. 



Our incredible staff has the experience to put you at ease as they walk you through and advise you on the best options available for your party.


Group Size

We accommodate parties of every size. Whether you're a party of 6 or over 200, you'll receive everything you've ever wanted in a destination wedding, convention, or party.


Catering Cabo

Catering Cabo services offer external catering for any kind of events, corporate gatherings, Christmas/birthday celebrations, EOFY parties or anything you can imagine. Every occasion is the perfect excuse to throw a colorful Mexican Fiesta!

Catering Cabo

Catering Cabo is your one-stop store. Our experts have excellent relationships with several top-ranked photographers, venues, bakers and florists, and they will make sure that your event will run smoothly all the time. All our professional partners have the highest quality and sophistication that you can expect from Catering Cabo. Let one of our experienced planners deal with the details while you just enjoy the time in your party. 
We perfectly know Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. We know about planning events.
By contacting Catering Cabo you will obtain the best catering services available in all Los Cabos. Catering Cabo is an upmarket catering and event planning business that offers many different gastronomies for your needs. We offer Southwestern, Mexican, Southern, Greek, Italian, and even great old fashioned Americana. 

Affordable doesn't mean bad quality. On the contrary, we offer you three different serving styles, all of them with the quality and elegance that you deserve.

Don't miss this opportunity. Contact Catering Cabo for a greater experience.

  • Buffet-Style

    Buffet-Style can be one of the most affordable styles of presentation since minimal servers are needed.

  • Family style

    Family style allows a more personable touch, giving a individual presentation at each table.

  • Individual servings

    Individual servings provides each table a server, a busser and a waiter giving you that classic cafe restaurant feeling

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